Symphony Ceiling Fan


The stunning and stylish Symphony ceiling fan has it all with its uniquely designed new generation 1420mm (56″) ABS blades (5 blades). The fan comes with a 4 speed LCD remote control for ease of use. There is a 1 – 6 hour timer included with the remote.

Best of all, this fan comes fitted with a high quality bluetooth speaker. What better place than the ceiling to stream music from? Easily connect to your smart phone, tablet or computer to stream any type of music you like. The speaker will connect with your device from a range of up to 10 metres.

The Symphony Ceiling Fan is fitted with a premium long life motor and components.

One of the top features of the Symphony fan are its optional airflow for summer or winter. Reversing the fan allows you to circulate warm air down and throughout the room while the alternative keeps your room cool in summer. This feature can significantly reduce your electricity bills by keeping your home warmer and cooler with less energy usage.

This stylish and popular fan comes complete with a 6 year warranty.