F&Co offers a wide range of kitchen lighting including black pendant lights all the way through to stunning chandeliers and recessed strip lights. We light up residential and commercial kitchens throughout Australia.

Kitchen lighting comes in a wide array of styles to suit different features and needs of the room.

Because kitchens are used for cooking and food preparation and have hot and cold water plus heat and steam from stoves and ovens, safe lighting is vital. F&Co can help you select the right lighting for such an environment.

Many kitchens also have a dining or eating area. Lighting for this area may range from pendant lights to recessed lights to spotlights and strip lights. It is not uncommon to find a range of different lighting to suit the many functions of this room.

Under cupboard and under shelf or bench lighting is popular and a useful way to illuminate the work area. No matter what type of kitchen lighting you need, we are sure to have the perfect light to suit.

Browse kitchen lighting in different sizes and styles. Contact us today on 02 9682 8500.