Pendant Lights

Pendant lights give a stylish and artistic feel to the room. They are usually suspended by a chain, metal rod, or cord.


Pendant lights are an accent type of lighting that can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, or dining room. Pendant lights can be used in the bathroom, however, it should be placed a few meters away from the shower and it should have a rating at least IP44.

There are different kinds of pendant lights. This includes black pendant lights that give a stylish and sophisticated look and feel to your room. We also have glass pendant lights that can give a classic look with a Victorian style. For a greater light source, the Linear Pendant Light is ideal, especially when used in the kitchen room, dining room, and even a games room.

F&Co supplies a wide range of pendant lights so you can choose from different shapes, sizes, and styles. To know more about our products, call us on 02 9682 8500.