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21st Century Lighting


The F and Co catalogue and product range are a testament to the wide choice of lighting that is available in 2018 and beyond.

At F and Co, you’ll find chandeliers, pendants and other stunning lights which are available at an affordable price and they’ll even be delivered straight to your door.

Without taking a step outside, you can shop, compare and buy the most luxurious, quality lighting to brighten any home, office, commercial environment or project.

We are sure you’ll find a light, or three, that you’ll love, right here on the F and Co website.


Find a Light that Will Flip Your Switch


Solve all your lighting needs and questions in one place.

No need to walk out your front door… it’s all here, online, ready for you.

Have a few questions? Our customer service staff are here to answer any questions, make suggestions and make sure you enjoy the experience of shopping with us. Call us on: 02 9682 8500 or contact us through our online form.

F and Co aim to make your visit a pleasure. Let us assist you to find the perfect lighting and design for your room or project.
We work with builders, developers, interior designers, consultants, electricians, home owners and renovators. No matter how big or small the project, the team at F and Co are ready to help you select the perfect lighting solution for your budget and lifestyle.

F and Co have a selection of stunning lamps, chandeliers, pendants and other artificial light sources. Don’t forget our fabulous range of ceiling fans!

We have a huge selection of light fixtures and lamps to illuminate your room with the perfect glow. Our lights are loved and enjoyed in apartments, buildings, homes and offices all over Sydney (and across Australia).

Indoor lighting can provide the perfect finishing touch to complement and enhance your interior design. Give any room a lift by using light fixtures that accentuate and improve your interior design and style.


Make an Impression with an F and Co Light


From the earliest days, humans have fought hard to banish the dark. We have moved from fires to oil lamps to candles, right through to the electric light. It is impossible to think of our world without lights to illuminate our homes and the environment. Lighting is important for people the world over.

F and Co offer you the ultimate range in lighting style and design that will lift any room’s decor.




Why a Chandelier?


Chandeliers are also known as candelabras and sometimes called suspended lights. They are an ornamental light that is suspended from the ceiling or the wall and in modern light fittings they will generally use LED or fluorescent globes. They can add an element of sparkle to any room.



Traditional Chandeliers


Traditionally, chandeliers were made with crystals cut in prisms to reflect and refract the light around the room. The more modern chandeliers tend to shy away from prisms and prefer direct light from lamps and sometimes translucent glass covering.



Buying a Modern Chandelier


Modern chandeliers are different from a pendant light because they have several branches of lamps and frames where a pendant generally only has one cord with a single or double lamp. Chandeliers tend to have multiple branches and frames and as a result, are often very large. Traditionally, this type of lighting has been used in hallways and large living rooms.

Chandeliers originally held many candles in their frames and branches. The high cost of the materials and candles meant that they were usually only ever seen in the homes of the very wealthy or royalty.


F & Co Make Chandeliers Affordable for Everyone


Fortunately for lovers of chandeliers in the 21st century, these stunning light fittings are now available online from F & Co Lighting and are incredible value. You can now enjoy a stunning chandelier for your home in a wide range of colours and styles at a price that excites.


Table Lamps


Table lamps are light fixtures that can be moved and easily attached to an electrical outlet. Most table lamps are single fixtures, but you can at times, find lamps with 2 branches. Lamps range from free standing or portable lights such as table, desk or office lamps. Floor lamps tend to be taller in height and work well in a lounge or office.


Lamps usually have a switch to control the light and this is often found on the cord or the stem. Certain table lamps have their switches situated on the base of the light.


Most table lamps are portable and can be used as table or desk lamps and are often referred to as “reading lamps”. Most table lamps these days use LED globes.



Fixed Lamps


Fixed lamps offer a wide range including recessed lights, ceiling domes, surface mounted lights and outdoor and landscape lighting.


Ceiling Fans


Mechanical fans are usually suspended from the ceiling and many have lights fitted in the centre of the blades. Most mechanical ceiling fans are powered by electricity.


Ceiling fans tend to rotate their blades more slowly than your typical floor or desk fan. The method of cooling from ceiling fans is through slow movement that circulates air throughout the room.



Ceiling Fans for Summer and Winter


Fans don’t cool the air, as air conditioners do, but they improve climate control within the room by circulating air and providing a gentle breeze and flow of air through the space. Having a ceiling fan installed can solve two (or even three) problems at once. You can control climate in both hot and cold climates and light the room from a single fitting.


F & Co have a wide range of ceiling fans for you to choose from. You won’t find better value for money than an F & Co fan.



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The Light & Power People. F&Co is an Australian owned and operated online lighting store.

F&Co are committed to supplying high quality affordable lighting and electrical solutions for your home, office, or commercial project all over Australia.

Whether you are looking for Wall Lights, Pendant Lights, LED Downlights, Table Lamps, Bedside Lamps, Ceiling Lights or Floor Lamps, Bathroom Heaters, Ceiling Fans, Chandeliers, F&Co has it all. Our goal is to form long-lasting relationships with all our clients from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, and Australia wide.

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